About Us

Our Vision

Fernbank Engineering is a truely Australian company specializing in the manufacturing and service of equipment. Our aim is to offer a service that is reliable and the job is completed on time to budget. 
Our company is ISO 9001 accredited and we are continually working with our suppliers and customers to improve products and support.


Fernbank Engineering commenced operations in 1969.  The operation started as a small family owned and operated company in Fernbank Victoria, Australia.

Fernbank  Engineering continued to run successfully for a further 36 years until the offer from Southeast Australian Services purchased the company 2006. Mr Bruce Tatterson with his extensive Industry Knowledge continues to manage the daily running of Fernbank Engineering.

Since 1993 Fernbank Engineering have been approved with the Quality Assurance  Program and is ISO 9001 accredited with  a work space of over 500sq metre’s and provide Total Engineering Solutions.

Southeast Australian Services and Fernbank Engineering have now joined forces and are now located at 6-10 Hunt Place Wurruk, Victoria.